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My Story

Why am I writing this book? Nobody—including myself—would have expected me to undertake this project.


Have you ever had a feeling that someone or something is calling you? As if someone is leading you by the hand? That's what happened to me. I had a strong inner desire to understand and analyze what real love is. What is this feeling that brings both joy and pain? Writing this book is a calling—a task of my soul.


I decided to write the book in the form of interviews. These interviews will contain different experiences and definitions of love. I have big plans! I will conduct interviews with people of various nationalities, religions, genders, and ages.


During the interviews, I am, of course, interested in listening to love stories, but for this book, what is important to me is the definition of what love is: What are its characteristics? What is unconditional love between a man and a woman? Does it even exist? What is it like?


I know so much has been written and filmed on this topic! It is a well-worn theme, and at the same time so mysterious! That is why I want to collect this valuable material. To collect valuable knowledge and pass it on to my children, grandchildren, and to everyone who needs this knowledge, to those who are looking for it.


Fortunately, there are so many wonderful people around me, with different experiences and destinies. And each of them has their own answer to this question. When I ask my friends and acquaintances about love during interviews, miracles happen. It’s as if we are all uniting in one field, the field of love.

I write using healing words—love, beauty, wisdom. I want to convey the energy of my book to each reader personally.


I will also initiate this book for each reader. What is initiation? It is the dedication of the reader to the healing energy of the book. It strengthens the results of reading the book and increases the possibility of insights. The initiation is done for each reader personally. The initiation of the book is a ritual, very beautiful, from the heart.


When a person receives an initiated book, their life changes. It changes for the better. How does it work? How is initiation done? You can learn about it from Svetlana Tishkova 


The first initiated book I received was from Svetlana herself. As soon as it arrived, I wanted to hold it in my hands. The first thing I did—after opening the package—was to caress it. I don't know why. Intuitively.


Recently, I was massaged by a blind masseuse and I asked him what true love is. His answer was simple and beautiful - "true love is when people want to be together." But in addition to these words, I want to collect the knowledge of the new era. We are living in a transformational, unlike any other in recorded history. Life today begs for reflection about what can and cannot be changed. I am still studying this; for me, it is a process of research and self-development.


I do not plan to distribute the book through bookstores. This book will be sought by people who, like me, need this knowledge.


I hope that those of you who are looking for answers to your own questions about love will find something useful in the pages of my book.


I love you, my future readers! It is my sincerest hope that this book will bring you inspiration and benefit. I wish us luck in our journey to seek knowledge about love.

Svetlana Tishkova _edited.jpg


Here I will slightly open the curtain of my book, here I will be publishing small excerpts from interviews. You have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the opinions of those people who share their knowledge about what love is on the pages of my book."

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