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Enrichment beyond the classroom

The perfect solution to your after school dilemma


After school classes

The unifying purpose of the ProKnowledge Learning Center is to provide children and their families a place where they can enrich their lives. Our community is one in which friendships are forged and passions are pursued: Where children can be happy as they define their futures, and come to know their roots.


We cover a broad spectrum of subjects: Classes in many different languages, dance, theatre, music, the culinary arts, chess, astronomy, and more. 


The culture of Southern California is one of beauty and artistry. In Los Angeles, our most cherished dreams can find their opportunities. The world presents many challenges, but our work is dedicated to nurturing, supporting, and encouraging every child. 

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Russian Without Borders

The Russian educational center “Russian without borders” opens to anyone who is looking to improve and extend their knowledge of Russian language and literature, learn Russian history, culture, customs and traditions. We enroll children between the age of 4 and 13. They are organized in the small classes of six to ten pupils according to their age and proficiency in Russian. Our curriculum is specifically developed by the teaching staff, taking into the account level, needs and requirements of each class individually. A lot of effort is put into making sure that each and every child feels at home at our school and is willing to attend and learn. The main emphasis is on teaching Russian reading and writing, spelling and literature, rhetoric and speech development. Among other school subjects you will find Literature, Drama and Music, as well Art, Chess and Maths clubs. Each year we have two school celebrations: the New year celebration with Father Frost and Snegurochka show and our children performances and “Maslenitsa” - the spring festivities for the whole family

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